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What our Clients say!

Hi Kevin


I have just paid the balance please let me know if there is any problems if you do not receive it. Sorry for the wait!


Thank you very much I love my cupboard! 


Kind regards

Salomé Bezuidenhout

February 07, 2014

Hi Kevin


It looks absolutely stunning. The phone booth looks great. I must say I was surprised when I saw it. You are really very talented. 


I will take everything that I listed for you. 


Thank you



Monday, February 03, 2014

Hi Kevin


Here is a better shot of the piece . . .We are loving it! Really beautiful!!


Thanks again.

Mitchell Cowie

March 22, 2014

Hi Kevin

Please find the POP attached for the balance of my cabinet.  Thank you again - it looks amazing and the colours fit in perfectly with the room.  I am so chuffed and cannot wait to get home to place her in her specific spot.   The quality is outstanding and I love the sliders on the drawers.  Very happy indeed thank you to you and your team.  You will definitely hear from me again in the near future. 

Have a lovely weekend!


Friday, September 05, 2014



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