Custom Made SHABBY CHIC STYLE Furniture for you!


Brand New Shabby Chic Styled Art Pieces. You will love the character of these solid wood lifestyle pieces of exquisite HANDCRAFTED furniture. Manufactured to the highest quality standards. Distressed paint techniques that will be appreciated in your home. All limited edition and exclusive!


Shanty Chic was born from a dream of recreating vintage furniture design in a more modern progressive but timeless style. Eclectic design hatched from the past and recreated for the future with focus on beauty, comfort and function. Shanty Chic!

I chose the name Shanty Chic to add a twist to the concept, incorporating a homely feel and providing excellent Value! With quality and integrity in mind, I sincerely hope you enjoy my more modern and artistic spin on the furniture design and colour choices that we offer.

Shanty Chic fully understands that creating custom furniture requires creative and experienced professionals. We offer a solution in finding the perfect furniture piece for the perfect price!


For some, having furniture isn't just a necessity or includes only having practical options for living but also finding furniture that offers a new unique atmosphere into their homes. With my 35 years of experience in furniture manufacturing we have a full understanding of this concept and the needs of our customers.


Our furniture has a high quality to it and is artistic in nature!


Shanty Chic furniture pieces in distressed paint techniques are the accents in your home which allow you to add different styles to your nest in an old fashioned way. You will love the character of these solid wooden lifestyle pieces!


Once you fall in love with our pieces of furniture you will not be able to think of a perfect home without it!


The majority of these incomparable products are one-off’s desired by MANY but limited to few!


Don’t delay and react today! Come and view many of our pieces at ROOT44 Saturday and Sunday permanent Market in Stellenbosch. CALL TODAY! Kevin – 082 492 3525





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